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The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation provides support to non-profit organizations and NYC-based colleges and universities that share our aim of promoting social and economic mobility for young New Yorkers. We seek to do so by supporting access to higher education, strategies and resources to thrive and persist to college graduation, and approaches to secure a strong first job. We are especially focused on programs that chiefly serve learners from the five boroughs of New York City and who are graduates of New York City public schools.

To remain grounded in a deep understanding of our areas of focus, we regularly convene with thought-leaders and practitioners. It is through these explorations and research we determine new prospective projects. On rare occasions, we will issue requests for proposals. 


While the majority of applications are accepted by invitation only, we are open to learning more about prospective projects that may have alignment with our current priorities. We encourage interested parties to review Our Focus for an overview of Petrie’s priority areas of funding. If you have a concept in mind, particularly under “Thrive and Succeed: Innovations toward Persistence and Graduation” or “Strong First Job,” we invite you to submit an overview of 1,000 characters or less with an estimated total project budget to  If the concept seems promising, the Foundation staff will follow up to schedule a brief introductory call to learn more.

If invited, prospective applicants will prepare narrative and budget drafts to review with Foundation staff before submitting finalized materials into an online application portal. (The Grantee Portal linked on our site is for use by current grantees only; a separate invitation link will be shared to applicants, as appropriate.)  The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets three times a year – winter, spring, and fall, and grant application preparation typically commences 8-12 weeks before each meeting.

Please note that we only grant to tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, for special events, or for fundraising benefits.


Image Credit: Muhadesa Ali/CSPC

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